Greenpointe communities celebrates groundbreaking at quay sarasota waterfront district

GreenPointe Communities, LLC, recently celebrated the start of construction on the infrastructure at the Quay Sarasota Waterfront District, a new mixed-use waterfront neighborhood destination with residential, retail, hotel and office opportunities along downtown Sarasota's waterfront.

"This is an exciting day for GreenPointe Communities," said GreenPointe Communities President Grady Miars. "Since acquiring the property, we have been working with Sarasota city leaders to design and create a sense of place that will make a lasting contribution to the Sarasota community. We appreciate the participation and vision of the Mayor, City Commissioners and Planning Board members on Quay Sarasota and we look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come."

The groundbreaking initiates the start of water, sewer and utility construction including a storm treatment vault and basic road structure that will serve the Quay Sarasota Waterfront District and the Sarasota Downtown Bayfront District. The first phase of development is underway at the historic Belle Haven building. Opened in 1926, the building is significant for its Mediterranean Revival style architectural design and association with the nationally renowned architect Dwight James Baum.

The event was attended by numerous city leaders including Sarasota Mayor Liz Alpert and Former Mayor and City Commissioner Shelli Freeland Eddie. Students and faculty from Booker High School included Principal Rachel Shelley, CTF Program Specialist Martha Flynn and student Antonio Hanamean. GreenPointe Communities is collaborating with students from Booker High School's STEM program on the Quay Sarasota Waterfront District. The goal of the partnership is to provide a real-world experience for students to participate in the planning, design and construction of a $1 billion downtown development. Students will be exposed to the real estate development process including the design and construction of the Quay Sarasota Waterfront District.

"We are excited to partner with students and faculty from Booker High School's STEM program on the Quay Sarasota Waterfront District," Miars said. "This is a wonderful collaboration and opportunity to introduce students to numerous professionals and the many different career paths they can consider in real estate, construction and municipal government."

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